Wheel Checks: An Easy & Inexpensive Way to Prevent Loose Wheel Studs

Photo – Bortle

Photo – Bortle

Wheel loss accidents are no joke – for the driver, or for those who could be at the receiving end of an out-of-control 18 wheeler.  The good news – there is a simple and inexpensive option out there that can help prevent these types of accidents.  Enter the wheel nut indicator or “wheel check.”


  • Simple, visual means of confirming proper wheel nut torque in seconds
  • Reduces risk of wheel detachment accidents
  • Reduces equipment downtime and maintenance costs
  • Resistant to highway and cleaning chemicals
  • Easy to install and difficult to tamper with or dislodge
  • Bright color permits visibility at night and in dirty or muddy condition



High temperature wheel checks are available for application where heavy load vehicles stop frequently and will heat up the wheel to greater that 250° F in normal operation.

Jerry & Keith’s carries these handy devices and can get you running a safer fleet or vehicle.  Call us or drop in today to pick some up.

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