Core Policy

Jerry & Keith’s has updated the core policy effective January 6th, 2020. This policy update helps relieve any confusion as to the policy and procedures for handling brake and air/hydraulic cores, and battery cores. We believe that by implementing this policy update we can have a more transparent system that is better for our customers. The policy is outlined below, if you have any questions regarding the details please contact your sales representative, call us at (661) 327-4872, or email us.

JKI Core Policy

Core Eligibility

  • Cores owed resulting from purchases of remanufactured products.
  • Cores must be returned “like for like” (Example: 4311J will not be accepted in place of a 4709 core; and the same applies to air products.)
  • Exception: Since the demand is so high for 4515 shoe cores, those cores may be accepted in place of 4707 shoe cores ONLY.

Core Bank

  • Core banks only apply to certain customers. Ask your sales associate if you are eligible be set up with a core bank.

Allotted Return Period

  • Cores deemed “reusable” are eligible for credit if returned within 90 days from the original purchase date.

Core Exchange

  • JKI may “EXCHANGE” cores. Otherwise All cores will be charged at time of purchase. Cores returned and inspected within the allowed return period will result in core credit.
  • JKI may exchange cores with a manager’s permission.

Core Returns

  • All core transactions will be tracked by the lined shoe number and dollar value.
  • Individual core units or value cannot be transferred between core numbers.
  • Core returns will be applied to the invoice it was purchased on, or the oldest eligible core purchase. Returned cores will be valued at current published price.
  • Core returns which exceed core eligibilities will result in a core bank for that core number.

Core Acceptance

  •  Shoe, air, and battery cores are NOT to be taken over the counter.
  • Cores will be subject to a full inspection for defects and quantities by J&K prior to core credit or bank addition.
  • All customers should check for the following before sending used cores back to J&K:
    • Brake Cores*

      • Flared or mushroomed roller and anchor ends
      • Torch damage
      • Bent webs
      • Broken welds
      • Excessive rust (Rust Jacking)
      • Loose liningStretch
    • Air Cores*

      • Any obvious damage
        • Dents, broken posts or cracks, including cracks in the threads

Please bring your original invoice that the cores were billed on to make the transaction as seamless as possible.

All non-genuine product will not be returnable

*List includes most common defects and is not all-inclusive