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JKI Team Makes Headlines

Jerry & Keith’s was a big time supporter of the 2014 HDA training fair.  The training was the first to be held in the California region and we came out in force to support it.  The day consisted of tech training and business development topics and received high marks by all who attended.

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Custom Suspension Install Keeps Customer On Top

In the oil business things can change before you know it, and when time is of the essence, change can lead to big problems.  That is, unless you can quickly adapt and adjust to the changes, finding yourself ahead of the competition, and in a position to succeed. Very little in the Oil Industry is…

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Wheel Checks: An Easy & Inexpensive Way to Prevent Loose Wheel Studs

Wheel loss accidents are no joke – for the driver, or for those who could be at the receiving end of an out-of-control 18 wheeler.  The good news – there is a simple and inexpensive option out there that can help prevent these types of accidents.  Enter the wheel nut indicator or “wheel check.”  …

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