Custom Suspension Install Keeps Customer On Top

In the oil business things can change before you know it, and when time is of the essence, change can lead to big problems.  That is, unless you can quickly adapt and adjust to the changes, finding yourself ahead of the competition, and in a position to succeed.

Very little in the Oil Industry is cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf, or pre-made for your needs.  That’s where Sturgeon Services International (SSI) lives, in the custom and the innovative.  SSI is a full-service California oilfield contractor that pride themselves on being the “one stop shop” for California oilfields.

Jerry & Keith’s has been a proud partner of SSI for decades and we continue to leverage each other’s special talents and knowledge to push the envelope of the industry.  One such example is the custom 60,000 lb rig that SSI brought to us last week.  The requirements were simple enough, “make it work.”  This required us to completely cut out the existing spring suspension and replace it with air springs.  To make it work, the rig needed to be set up as a tri-axle, but the third axle needed to be removable to allow for enough room for the rig to do it’s job.  After some modifications, we were able to rig a quick connect to allow for the removal along with manual valves to adjust the height as needed.

The unit was also fitted with a digital weight scale integrated into the air system for real time weight readings of the trailer.

Automated digital weighing system

Automated digital weighing system

Finally, the axles were all fitted with ABS and an additional air tank to handle the increased air demand.


This project only reemphasized the continued strength of the partnership between SSI and Jerry & Keith’s and how by working together, we can push the boundaries of innovation.